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Spirit Week and homecoming

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We’ve asked our epals’teachers about Spirit Week and Homecoming .
Here are their answers .

From Sarah Mills (New Hampshire)

In answer to your question, Homecoming is when the school or college sports team has had a string of ‘away’ games (played at the opposing team’s location) and returns to their home location.  Often it is a big celebration with a bonfire, a barbecue and a Homecoming dance (complete with Homecoming Queen and King!).


Spirit week (or day) takes place in the lead up to game day (when the sports team has a big game) to show support for the team.  Often team players will wear their uniform and others will wear the team colors.  Sometimes spirit day will involve wearing tie dye clothing or dressing up following a particular theme (dress like a princess, wear all black etc.).

From Mindi Golding (New Hampshire USA)

Spirit week and Homecoming are very popular in high schools, but not in middle schools (so not in our school). They are a great way to celebrate the athletes of a school and get everyone excited about the homecoming games. There is usually a homecoming dance and often a homecoming king and queen are chosen. It is very popular in the southern part of our country. I hope that helps a bit.

From Simona Pero (Wisconsin USA)

We do have homecoming week.  It’s a fun week for students to dress up and get into school spirit.  We also have a parade and football game and the high school kids have a dance.


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Who is very friendly and so greedy.

Who wants  no poor  any moreon earth.
Who dreams of going around the world.
Who believes that unicorns exist.
Who loves pizzas and rugby.
Who fears  snakes.
Who is afraid of spiders.

Who wishes  there were no terrorists or terrorist attacks in the world.

Who plans to succeed in life.

Who wonders why people ill treat animals.


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Who is kind and very annoying

Who wants to create a  charity

Who dreams of going to the sahara

Who believes in magic

Who loves horror movies

Who fears insects

Who is afraid of trucks

Who wishes there were no animals in distress

Who plans to succeed in her life

Who wonders why people ill treat animals

my poem

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Who is fun and sporty

            Who wants to become a rugby man


             Who dreams of going on to the moon


  Who believes in E.T

      Who loves rugby (the Catalan Dragons )

Who fears there was no  candy any longer in the world

     Who is afraid of the movie (CA)

Who wishes he could participate to total wipe out                             


Fleur’s poem

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Who is shy and serious.

Who wants to travel.

Who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Who believes in destiny.

Who fears her family might die

Who is afraid of rattlesnakes.

Who wishes she had a new mobile.

Who plants to go to university .

Who wonders why people kill others.

Jade’s poem

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Who is very shy and a little lazy

Who wants to visit the world

Who dreams of seeing her future

Who believes in the world

Who loves to laugh

Who fears  heignts

Who is afraid of death

Who wishes she had her own house

Who plans to go to university

Who wonders why people kill


Pablo’s poem

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Who is extremely funny and very shy.

Who wants to become a computer scientist

Who dreams of flying.

Who believes in life after death.

Who loves  video games.

Who fears  terrorists.

Who is afraid of  death.

Who wishes  terrorists were dead.

Who wonders why  gravity changes.

Who plans to create a video game.


Quentin’s poem

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                                         Who is friendly and funny

Who wants to see pnl in reality

Who dreams of having money

Who believes in spirits and not reincarnation

Who  loves tennis

Who fears horror movies

Who is afraid of a dying

Who wishes he had  a big car

Who plans to works in a kitchen

Who wonders why cigarette exist and why people smoke


Valentin’s poem

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Who is funny and friendly.

Who believes in the end of the world.

 Who loves pizza.

Who fears the dentist.

Who is afraid of terrorist.

Who wishes to be healthy.

Who plans to use several languages worldwide.

Who wonders why there are some terror attacks.

Arwen’s poem

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Who is very gentle and a little shy.

 Who wants to become a scientist.

 Who dreams of her future job.

 Who loves her beautiful dog and her cats.

 Who fears big snakes.

 Who is afraid of only spiders.

 Who wishes she’ll have a very great job.

 Who plans to go to university.

 Who wonders why unicorn don’t exist.



Who am I ? poem by New Zealand epals

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Here is the poem written by Faith from Tokoara , New Zealand .

Constance’s poem

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Who is very untidy and a sleeper.

Who wants to succeed in her life.

Who dreams of working as a wine waiter.

Who doesn’t believe in magic.

Who loves her family.

Who fears wet hair.

Who is afraid of trucks and slugs.

Who wishes to win a lot of money.

Who plans to have her driving licence.

Who wonders why pink exists.

Flora’s poem

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                  Who is nervous and impatient .

 Who wants to go back to New York.

 Who dreams of  having an apple iphone 7.

 Who believes if she works she will have a good job.

 Who loves her older brtother Frédérique.

   fears nothing.

 Who is afraid weapons may  be forbidden.

Who wishes she could have a horse .

 Who plans to live in New York.

 Who wonders why some people eat horse meat.

Cyrielle’s poem

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Who is shy and extremely frendly

Who wants her dog back home

Who dreams of her future

Who believes in her studies

Who loves her family and her dogs

Who fears  spiders

Who wishes that her mother will never die

Who plans to continue to play rugby

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Who is very funy and not very bad

Who wants a big villa

Who dreams of becoming a hairdresser

Who believes in herself

Who loves sleeping

Who fears all the spiders

Who is afraid of clowns

Who wishes to have good marks

Who plans to become a make-up artist

Who wonders why pink houses don’t exist



Léa’s ’Who I am’ poem

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Who is extremely jealous and lazy.

Who wants her dad to come every day and wants to work as an architect.

Who dreams of living in Norway because people are very generous.

      Who believes in unicorns.

Who loves her family and tennis.

      Who fears not to  succeed in school.

Who is afraid of her family being sad.

Who wishes she could have a little pig.

Who plans to have a house and a job when she is 18 years old.

Who wonders why people kill other because it’s not funny and it’s sad.

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