Ecriture au delā des frontičres

découverte d’un sport suédois

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Le collčge suédois avec lequel nous avons écrit l’histoire collaborative sur Etwinning nous a envoyé des balles d’INNEBANDY .Cela a été l’occasion de découvrir ce sport suédois .

Etwinning book

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E twinning project

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Cette fin d’année scolaire voit l’aboutissement de deux projets internationaux auxquels ont participé activement les deux classes de 4čme . En effet dans le cadre des EPI , la classe de 4čme1 a pris part ā un projet d’écriture collaborative eavec le collčge Roumain, le collčge Suédois et le collčge Turc. Leur livre intitulé "Dream or Reality" nous entraîne aux côtés d’Alize dans un monde étrange oų rčve et réalité se confondent . Les 4čme 2 ont participé quant ā eux ā un projet d’écriture ( British Council Schoolonline projet) avec quatre autres pays : Corée du sud, Turquie, Maroc, Russie. Le livre qu’il ont écrit au fil des mois en anglais "Trap door Mystery" raconte les aventures fantastiques de l’intrépide Kevin qui devra résoudre plusieurs énigmes travers le monde afin de sauver sa famille . Ces projets ont permis aux élčves non seulement de travailler l’expression et la compréhension écrites mais aussi d’échanger photos, diaporamas ou culture box sur la culture de chacun des partenaires internationaux . Leurs premiers lecteurs ont été les élčves américains de Northside Intermediate school dans le Wisconsin. . Sous la houlette de leur enseignante Mrs Pero , ceux-ci ont lu Trapdoor Mystery et nous ont envoyé leurs commentaires. Pour consulter le Ebook des 4čme1 suivez le lien ci dessous

What is Midsummer?? a Swedish Tradition

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In mid-June, school is out and nature has burst into life. It seems like the sun never sets. In fact, in the north of Sweden it doesn’t, and in the south only for an hour or two. This calls for celebration! Friends and family gather for the most typically Swedish tradition of all: Midsummer.

How to make a Turkish coffee?

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Culture box from Turkey : Turkish coffee set . 

Galati Romania videos

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Two short videos of Galati city , Romania , one of our etwinning partners

Etwinning Project

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Culture box envoyée par le collčge Turc partenaire du projet Etwinning Worldwide story

Etwinning project

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La classe de 4čme 1 participe ā un projet E-twinning autour de l’écriture . Ce projet réunit trois autres pays : la Roumanie, la Sučde et la Turquie . L’objectif premier est d’écrire une  histoire ā quatre voix en anglais et d’échanger divers documents(photos, diaporamas , e-twinning culture capsule) sur nos pays respectifs . Tous les échanges se font en anglais .

Collčge Joseph Calvet , France

Växjö International School, Sweden

Galati school Romania

Abdurrahmangazi İmam Hatip Ortaokulu, TÜRKİYE

Histoire collaborative Etwinning

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E Twinning Collaborative Story, School year 2017/2018

In Black Written by Collčge Joseph Calvet , France

In Blue  written by Växjö International School, Sweden

In red written by Galati school Romania

In Green  Written by Abdurrahmangazi İmam Hatip Ortaokulu, TÜRKİYE


6:58.... Alize woke up with a strong headache. ‘The same nightmare again  ...’. She sighed ‘I hate it, I’m so tired, I just would  like to sleep ...’Alize was nearly fifteen . She was a simple, discreet and romantic girl who liked to dream of her Prince charming, paradisiacal settings ....These nightmares made her anxious ’ the same scary story ....... a man hunted down by the secret services.....blood .....’ It was Sunday and she was alone at home. Her mother, who worked as a nurse in a hospital was on duty and her father, a banker, was away for business. Suddenly, Toby the little one year-old Bichon started barking to remind her that she was not completely alone. Richard was supposed to come in the afternoon  but in the meantime she was already bored in this Parisian flat where her family had moved two years before. She missed her life in Texas... The wind was blowing very hard on this autumn day which was not to help her headache ’What’s that noise? ...’ she grumbled. She got up determined to find the door that was slamming and went around the flat,.......Nothing .... ‘It sounds as if it is coming from below. Could it come from the neighbours’ ?’ Approaching the bed, the noise became louder. She decided to push  her bed and to her surprise, saw a small door. ‘I had never seen this trap door before’ she whispered. As she got closer, she could smell a strange odour of mold. How weird! ... Toby , look!! !! She remained speechless. The door had gone . Suddenly,  the room started spinning around. A feeling of nausea filled her throat and the dizziness started to take over. Before she had time to realise what was happening, everything turned dark.

 She woke up with a grunt, and felt a cutting pain from her head. It was much more than a simple headache now, and every movement was uncomfortable. Her memories were fuzzy, but she had a faint picture in her head of a mysterious trapdoor, and a strange scent that reminded her of moldy cheese.

She shook her head in disbelief, trying to make the uncomfortable feeling go away. It all must’ve been nothing more than a weird nightmare. Surely she must have made it all up in her mind. But then again, how did that explain the beating pain that seemed to be cutting her head in half? Something had happened last night, but she had no idea what it was. She wasn’t even sure if she actually wanted to know the truth, or if it would be better to just forget everything and try to move on.

Hopefully, everything would go back to normal if she just got a little rest. But the agonizing feeling wouldn’t ease, despite taking several pain killers and spending many hours watching Netflix with Toby on her lap. There was something more than just a headache. A feeling that something just wasn’t right, and it kept bothering her.

One look at the window told her that it was already dark outside. Richard was supposed to have returned a long time ago, but she was still completely alone except for her dog who was still snoring in her lap. She had finished no less than two seasons of her favourite TV-show, and decided to put on something new that she hadn’t watched before. To her surprise, she managed to find one TV series that she hadn’t heard of before: a horror show called “Cold Teardrops”. Despite its cheesy name, she decided to give it a try.

 Unfortunately, it was literally one of the worst shows she had ever watched. The things that happened in the show reminded her of the ridiculously easy life she had as a child. There was nothing scary about it, and she was just about to turn the computer off out of boredom. Then suddenly, the scene changed and became shockingly familiar. The girl in the show woke up at the sound of a creaking door coming from underneath her bed. Out of curiosity, she reached under her bed to find a trapdoor. Alize had a strange feeling that she had watched this show before, even though she knew she hadn’t. She recognized the way the events unfolded. Where could she have seen this before? The answer suddenly seemed obvious, like she had known it all along. The girl from the TV-show was no one other than herself!


The girl opened the trapdoor, which made a creaking sound. After a quick look behind her, she went through the trapdoor and disappeared. The screen went black.Alize realised that she no longer was in her warm, comfortable living-room. A squeaking sound came from her lap. Around her was nothing but darkness, and a chill travelled down her spine. An overwhelming smell of moldy cheese gave her face a disgusted expression. She reached her hand forward, and felt spider webs and a thick layer of dust on her fingertips. She must have been sitting in a very narrow room.

Alize had no clue of what could’ve happened. Was she hallucinating? Standing up, she lost her balance for a second and knocked something over with her arm. A loud thump was heard, like a large cheese had fallen to the floor. Toby squealed anxiously by her feet. Then suddenly, a surprised voice screamed out, “Qu’est-ce que c’est ?” and the sound of footsteps started to get closer and closer when  a blinding light penetrated the darkness and the smell of cheese became more pungent. Once her eyes adjusted to the light she was able to see a tunnel taking shape out of the corner of her eyes.

       Alize lost sight of Toby as he began to bark and ran towards the source of light. The girl’s headache made her lean on the cold walls which were made of stone. “What is this place?  Is this the way to Heaven?” she thought. Am I dreaming? And yet, I feel the rough edges of the freezing cold bricks.“ A sudden barking pulled her out of her thoughts. She followed the yelping of the small running silhouette. Reaching the end of the tunnel, a man’s shape appeared. He was holding Toby in his arms. “ Pourquoi ce chien est dans ma cuisine? Il mange tout ma fromage!” said a hoarse voice.           Alize approached the man as he was going back into the bright room. Once she got over the doorstep, her attention moved from the mess the man was trying to hide from her to the new faces inside of what appeared to be a kitchen. She startled when her name was called by a familiar voice. Turning to the direction of the sound she surprisingly asked: “Richard?!” The man in black was speechless and amazed by spelling this name with someone else’s  mouth out of this world. He did not know her and treating somebody that never met before.

There was still no response. Who was him? Was he Richard?

Alize was confused in the head. catharsis experience..

‘I must keep my mind clear immediately,’ she said, the man could hardly hear.

The new faces in the picture on the wall were so familiar to her. As she got closer, she  amazingly did see her family except for Alize herself. A picture caption signed as family motto ‘Vita est uno modo tessera’ (Life is a one way ticket) meantime that motto the man was murmuring himself. It was getting frightening because Alize heard it for the first time. She was losing her touch nevertheless needed to sit tight and carry on.

Alize still had a doubt that he was Richard or not because she had not seen him for a long time.  Although he was looking so  exhausted now, this man was well built, tall, good looking and kind man even had a small wrinkles on his forehead. He was just like Alize’s charming prince in her dreams. The man had a scar on his neck and it was not fresh. He was trying to hide it from Alize. Also his behaviours were not benevolent to her any longer.

Besides increasing unpleasant odour the mess took her attention again. For a while Alize glanced around the kitchen full of cans, dust and dirt yet this place  reminded their home in Texas. Here was so  unhealthy for her. ‘’ Please help me with the housework, honey’’ her mother’s voice rang in Alize’s ears. Her mother was very careful about hygiene because of her job and this situation irritated Alize and her father.

On the contrary she missed her parents even that Parisian flat and promised herself not to feel bored again .

Meanwhile the man kept looking at her most peculiarly and get busy to snack. Then, he took a small drink of a water  and soaking his hands gently wiped on his shirt.

‘He must have some strange hobbies’, Alize thought when saw  many unread letters  throwing randomly on the floor and written receivers’ name on some but not addressing yet. She was surprised once again by the dates on them all written in 1700s. At the same time she noticed when checked her watch that it did not work. 

What was happening since the  morning? Who could explain all these things?

Alize was not the only girl to worry of course Toby was still barking on her lap.  She needed to be calm but it seemed hard anymore. ‘I got stuck in this tunnel’ desperately she thought. She could hardly breathe and feeling a strange taste in her mouth. She thought evening already turned out the night and these so much to her she had enough. Alize wanted to have a rest and Toby felt uncomfortable. They both missed their bed now.

 All of a sudden she started to run the way back to the tunnel to find the door again  however she could not see any exit Terrified, she realized there was no way back. In front of her was a damp wall made of dirt and mud. With her mind full of horror, she dug into the wall and at the same time the feeling of being buried alive came to her.

Anxiously Toby barked and ran back to the revolting kitchen. She reacted quickly and with a leap she was after him. Halfway back to the kitchen she threw herself onto the dog and grabbed the necklace, but Toby spun around with panic and the necklace snapped in half.

Alize fell to the floor and felt a sudden aching pain to her head. The world started to spin around and she became dizzy and everything went black.She woke up with bright sunshine glazing in her eyes. Slowly Alize sat up in her bed and let out a big yawn. She stood up and while rubbing her eyes she felt an itch on her forehead. Lightly, she touched her forehead with her fingertips and she felt nauseating when she saw what was on her fingers. Dried blood covers her nails and fingertips, and she got the sick feeling that something completely wrong. Vigilantly, she starts walking towards the kitchen. When Alize came down to the kitchen she froze as she shockingly saw how filthy it was. She felt a trickle down her spine as she noticed what was laying on the floor. There on the floor tile; that was split in half; surrounded by dried blood, laid Toby’s necklace. The necklace, which was broken into two pieces, sent a sharp reminder to Alize of her crazy and terrifying dream. Suddenly she heard an eerie noise, like someone was scratching their nails against a blackboard. Abruptly the noise stopped and she heard a voice from underneath the floor that shrieked,”Arręte le chien, il va manger mes fromages!” When she was searching for the noise, her eyes fell onto a big brown square underneath the table. It was a big trap door leading down into the floor. She reached for it and with great strain opened it sluggishly. She took the little courage she had left and went down the bloodcurdling trap door... As she was going down the stairs, a loud noise from behind startled her. She immediatly turned around and ran towards the door, struggling  to open it. “It’s stuck!”, she thought, as she realized her efforts were in vain.


Terrified, she took a deep breath, trying to keep her composure. Calming herself down, she was able to focus on her surroundings, hearing what sounded like claws screeching  on a wooden surface. Tracking down the sound, she noticed a patch of light piercing the darkness coming from a keyhole. Approaching the newly discovered door, she regained hope, thinking that she could finally escape the darkness.  Leaning on the door, she could feel vibrations coming from the other side. She glanced through the keyhole and spotted a large figure holding a rapier coming towards her. She went cold when she saw another small silhouette right next to the man. “Toby!”, she screamed in horror and the next thing she knew was an excruciating pain coming from her right eye. She desperately tried to ease the pain by reaching her face, but she was unable to. The feeling of panic overwhelmed her when she was struggling to move her limbs. The sound of screeching was replaced by unknown voices. The pungent smell of chemicals irritated her nose. Alize heard her name being called. She tried to look around, but everything was pitch black. Her eye was forced open and the powerful light came into view, causing her pain. She closed her eyes tight trying to get away from it. Finally opening them, an impeccably white room took shape in front of her. Feeling nauseous, she looked down to herself and only then she noticed that she was chained to a hospital bed.

She was desperately trying to get free when she felt someone pinning her to the bed gently.

Once she took a good look at the well-built, tall man, it all came back to her, it was Richard! “You are fine, Alize. Calm down, you are safe”, he said, petting her shoulder. “You were getting a little violent due to your hallucinations so I gave you a mild sedative. I am sorry I was late yesterday afternoon. It is my fault you missed your daily medication. I will let you rest now, would you like me to turn on the TV back on?”


To be continued  ( It is our turn...)


Histoire intégrale dans les différentes langues des pays participants

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E Twinning Collaborative Story, School year 2017/2018

In Black Written by Collčge Joseph Calvet , France

In Blue  written by Växjö International School, Sweden

In red written by Galati school Romania

In Green  Written by Abdurrahmangazi İmam Hatip Ortaokulu, TÜRKİYE

6h58 …. Alize se réveilla avec un fort mal de tęte. Elle soupira ‘toujours ce męme cauchemar  ….’ une histoire effrayante   …. un homme poursuivi par les services secrets …du sang   ’Elle  soupira ‘je déteste įa, je suis tellement fatiguée, j’aimerais juste dormir…’ Alize avait presque 15 ans, c’était une jeune fille simple, discrčte et romantique qui se plaisait ā ręver de  son Prince charmant, de décors paradisiaques .Ces cauchemars l’angoissaient  … C’était Dimanche et elle était seule ā la maison .Sa mčre infirmičre en  centre hospitalier était de service et son pčre, banquier, retenu par ses affaires. Tout ā coup, Toby le petit bichon âgé d’un an jappa pour lui rappeler qu’elle n’était pas tout ā fait seule. Richard devait aussi venir dans la journée mais en attendant elle s’ennuyait déjā  dans cet appartement parisien oų la famille avait emménagé deux ans auparavant .Le Texas, l’ouest américain lui manquait tellement .Le vent soufflait trčs fort en ce weekend d’automne ce qui n’arrangeait pas son mal de tęte  ‘c’est quoi ce bruit ?…’ grommela-t-elle.. Elle se leva bien décidée ā trouver la porte qui faisait tant de bruit et fit le tour de l’appartement, rien …. On dirait que įa vient d’en bas. Cela pouvait-il venir des voisins du dessous ? En approchant de son lit le bruit s’intensifia. Elle décida de bouger son lit et ā sa grande surprise vit une petite trappe.. Je n’avais jamais vu cette trappe auparavant  murmura-t-elle. En s’approchant davantage elle sentit une étrange odeur de moisissure. Que c’est bizarre… Toby regarde !! Elle resta sans voix. La  trappe avait disparu. Soudain, Plötsligt började rummet att snurra runt, runt. ​En känsla av illamående fyllde hennes hals och yrseln började ta över. Innan hon hade tid att inse vad som var påväg att hända, blev allt mörkt.


Hon vaknade med ett stönande och kände en skärande smärta från huvudet. Det var mycket mer än bara huvudvärk nu, och varje rörelse gjorde ont. Hennes minnen var suddiga, men hon hade en svag bild i huvudet av en mystisk fallucka, och en underlig doft som påminde henne om möglig ost. Hon skakade huvudet i misstro och försökte få den obekväma känslan att gå bort. Det hade inte varit mer än en konstig mardröm. Säkert hade allting bara hänt i hennes huvud. Men hur förklarade det den smärtsamma smärtan som verkade skära huvudet i bitar? Någonting hade hänt under natten, men hon hade ingen aning om vad det var. Hon var inte ens säker på om hon verkligen ville veta sanningen, eller om det skulle vara bättre att bara glömma allt och försöka gå vidare.


Förhoppningsvis skulle allt gå tillbaka till det normala om hon bara fick lite vila. Men den obehagliga känslan ville inte lätta, trots att han hade tagit flera smärtstillande och spenderat många timmar med att titta på Netflix med Toby i hennes knä. Det var något mer än bara en huvudvärk. En känsla av att någonting inte var helt rätt, och det fortsatte att störa henne.


En blick mot fönstret sa henne att det redan var mörkt ute. Richard skulle ha kommit tillbaka för länge sedan, men hon var fortfarande helt ensam bortsett från hunden som fortfarande snarkade i hennes knä. Hon hade plöjt inte mindre än två säsonger av hennes favoritserie och bestämde sig för att sätta på något nytt som hon inte hade sett tidigare. Till hennes överraskning lyckades hon hitta en tv-serie som hon inte hört talas om förut: en skräckfilm vid namn "Cold Teardrops". Trots dess smöriga namn bestämde hon sig för att kolla.

Tyvärr var det bokstavligen en av de värsta serier hon någonsin sett. Det som hände i avsnittet påminde henne om det löjligt okomplicerade livet som hon hade haft som barn. Det var inget läskigt med det, och hon var just på väg att stänga av datorn av ren uttråkning. Så plötsligt förändrades scenen och blev chockerande bekant. Flickan i showen vaknade vid ljudet av en knarrande dörr, som kom underifrån sängen. Av nyfikenhet sträckte hon sig under sängen och hittade en fallucka. Alize hade en underlig känsla att hon hade sett det här förut, trots att hon visste att hon inte hade det. Hon kände igen händelserna. Var kunde hon ha sett det här förut? Svaret var plötsligt uppenbart, som om hon hade känt det på sig hela tiden. Flickan från TV-serien var ingen annan än henne själv!

 Flickan öppnade falluckan, som gav ifrån sig ett knarrande ljud. Efter en snabb blick bakom sig klättrade hon igenom luckan och försvann. Skärmen blev svart.

Alize insåg att hon inte längre var kvar i sitt varma, bekväma vardagsrum. Ett ängsligt pipljud kom från hennes knä. Runt henne fanns ingenting annat än mörker, och en obehaglig känsla. En överväldigande lukt av möglig ost fick henne att göra en äcklad grimas. Hon sträckte handen framåt och kände spindelväv och ett tjockt lager av damm på sina fingertoppar. Hon måste ha suttit i ett mycket trångt rum. Alize hade ingen aning om vad som kunde ha hänt. Hallucinerade hon? Hon ställde sig upp, förlorade sin balans för en sekund och knuffade till något med armen. En hög duns hördes, som en stor ost hade fallit till golvet. Toby pep ängsligt vid hennes fötter. En förvånad röst hördes från ovan: "Qu’est-ce que c’est?" Ett ljud av fotsteg började komma närmare …   Apoi, deodată, o voce surprinsă strigă „Ce se intamplă?” iar sunetul  paşilor se apropia din ce in ce mai mult când....o lumină puternică străpunse întunericul şi mirosul de brânză deveni mai puternic. O dată ce ochii i s-au obişnuit cu lumina, ea zări  un tunel în colţul ochilor.

Alize îl pierdu din ochi pe Toby care începu să latre şi să alerge spre sursa de lumină. Durerea de cap a fetei o făcu pe aceasta să se sprijine de pereţii reci, construiţi din piatră. „Ce e locul acesta? Este cumva  drumul spre Rai?”, se gândi ea. “Oare visez? Şi, totuşi, simt marginile dure ale cărămizilor reci ca gheaţa”. O lătrătură neaşteptată îi alungă aceste gânduri. Urmări hămăitul micii siluete ce alerga. Ajungând la capătul tunelului, işi făcu apariţia silueta unui bărbat. Acesta îl ţinea pe Toby în braţe.”De ce este acest căţel în bucătăria mea ? Îmi mănâncă toată brânza?”, spuse o voce groasă.

Alize se apropie de bărbat în timp ce acesta se întorcea spre camera luminoasă. O dată ce păşi pragul, atenţia ei se mută de la dezordinea pe care bărbatul încerca să o ascundă spre chipurile noi ce se aflau în camera ce părea să fie bucătăria. Tresări atunci când numele său fu strigat de o voce familiară. Întorcându-se spre direcţia din care se auzi strigată, întrebă cu surprindere: ” Richard?”

Siyahlar iįindeki adam sessiz kaldı ve bu ismin bu dünya dışında başka biri tarafından zikredilmesine  şaşırdı. Kızı tanımıyordu ve ona daha önce hiį tanımadığı biri davranıyordu.

Cevap gelmedi. Bu adam kimdi? Richard mıydı? Alizenin kafası karışmıştı. Bu düşüncelerden derhal  arınmaya ihtiyacı vardı. ‘’Hemen kafamı toplamalyım’ dedi adamın duyamayacağı bir sesle.

Duvarda asılı panodaki yeni yüzler Alize ye įok tanıdık geldi. İyice yakınlaştığında şaşırtıcı bir şekilde resimdekilerin kendi ailesi olduğunu gördü ancak kendisi yoktu. En alt kısımda küįük harflerle yazılı aile sloganı dikkatini įekmişti.’’ Hayat tek yönlü bir bilettir.’’ Bu esnad adamda bu sözleri mırıldanıyordu. Bu iş korkutucu olmaya başlamıştı įünkü Alize bu ifadeyi hayatında ilk kez duyuyordu.  Giderek algılama yetisini kaybediyordu yinede metanetini  koruyup yoluna devam etmeliydi.

Alize nin adamla ilgili şüpheleri  artmıştı bu adam Richard olabilirdi. Zaten onu uzun zamandır görmüyordu. Adam įok bitkindi ancak alnındaki birkaį kırışıklığa rağmen yapılı, uzun boylu, iyi görünümlü ve kibar biriydi. Tıpkı Alize’ nin rüyalarındaki büyüleyici  prens gibi. Adamın boynunda bir yara izi vardı ve taze bir iz değildi bu. Bunu Alize den saklamaya įalışıyordu. Artık davranışları pekte iyi niyetli değildi.

Artan nahoş kokunun yanı sıra bu dağınıklık dikkatini dağıtıyordu. Alize bir süre boş kutularla dolu, toz tabakalarıyla kaplı ve kirli mutfağa göz gezdirdi ona Texas’taki evlerini  hatırlatıyordu bu ev. Bu yer onun iįin įok sağlıksızdı. ‘’ Tatlım bana ev işlerinde yardımcı ol lütfen’’ annesinin  sesi  kulaklarında įınlıyordu. Annesi mesleğinden dolayı temzlik konusunda įok dikkatli davranıyordu ve bu durum Alize yide babasınıda  kızıdırıyordu. Bilakis şimdi ailesini ve dahi Parise özgü dairelerini özlüyordu ve kendi kendine bir daha asla sıkılmayacağına dair sözler veriyordu.

Bu arada adam bir yandan bişeyler atıştırıyor ve kızın yaptıklarını  tuhaf bir şekilde izliyordu. Sonra suyundan bir yudum aldı ve ellerini nazikįe yıkayıp gömleğine sildi.

‘’Değişik hobileri olmalı’’ dedi Alize yere fırlatılmış mektup zarflarını görünce. Ve yazılıp yollanmamış nice mektupları  daha. Üzerlerinde yazılı tarihleri gördüğünde bir kez daha şaşırmıştı. Mektuplar 1700lü yıllara aitti. O sırada kol saatini kontrol ettiğinde saatin įalışmadığını farketti.

Sabahtan beri neler oluyordu böyle? Tüm bu olanları kim aįıklayabilirdi?

Sadece endişe edilecek kişi Alize değildi elbette Toby ‘de Alize ‘nin kucağında havlıyordu. Sakin olması gerekiyordu ama bu įok zor görünüyordu. ‘’ Bu  tünele  sıkışıp kaldım’’ dedi umutsuz bir şekilde. Nefesi sıkışır gibi olmuştu ağzındada  tuhaf bir tat vardı.  Akşam įoktan geceye dönmüştür diye düşünüyordu. Bu olanlar ona įok fazla gelmişti. Alize artık dinlenmek istiyordu ve Toby ‘de  iyice huzursuzlanmıştı.

İkiside yataklarını özlüyordu şimdi.

Aniden tünel  yolundan geriye kapıyı tekrar bulabilmek iįin koşmaya başladı ancak hiįbir įıkış bulamadı…



Have a Scary Halloween !!!

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Ecriture d’une potion magique sur le modčle de William Shakespeare , Macbeth

Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Arwen’s potion

Par athibaut - publié le dimanche 22 octobre 2017 ā 02:33

My potion :

Fillet of rabbit tail

In the caldron boil and bake

Brain of dog and heart of woman

Eye of unicorn and ears of dragon

Hair of mermaid and fan of spider

Tooth of shark and leg of cockroach

For a charm of powerful trouble,like a hell-broth boil and bubble


Par yboudjerda - publié le vendredi 20 octobre 2017 ā 02:49

Who is extremly sporty and lazy
Who wants FIFA 18
Who dreams of  entering the OG
Who believes there are aliens  on  Mars

Who loves extreme sport
Who fears my family dies
Who is afraid of school

Who wishes  to have a futurist hover board
Who plans to participate in a 4L trophy
Who wonders why there are terrorists

Lucie’s magic potion

Par lbeuze - publié le vendredi 20 octobre 2017 ā 02:37

My potion

Hair of zebra

In the caldron boil and bake ;

Nose of cat and sloth arm,

Dribble of snail and heart of bird,

Lips of fish and eyes of sheep,

Head of ferret, and liver of frog,

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Lucie, beuze




Constance’s magic potion

Par ccalvet - publié le vendredi 20 octobre 2017 ā 02:24

My potion :

Filet of a lizard


In the caldron boil and bake

Turtle neck, and dog mouth ,

Slug eyes, and sheep nose,

Lion tongue, and snake eggs,

Barbie hair, and fish scale.


For a charm of powerful trouble,

like a hell-broth boil and bubble.


Shakira’s magic potion

Par boss - publié le jeudi 19 octobre 2017 ā 10:35

             My Potion :

             Fillet of beak
                              In the caldron boil and bake                

                  Unicorn poo and tong of frog

                     Sausage of rat meat and snake pasta

                one cup of Coke and old socks

                      For a charm of powerful trouble

                                             Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Lea’s magic potion

Par lbotella - publié le mercredi 18 octobre 2017 ā 09:34

My potion :

my potion to be beautiful :

 In the caldron boil and bake  

Duck foot and fox eye

Bear nose and rat hair

Unicorn ears and frog finger

Crocodile mouth and chicken toe

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil bubble.

Flora’s magic potion

Par fgarcia - publié le dimanche 15 octobre 2017 ā 02:44

Fillet of a snake

In the caldron boil and bake

 Head of hamster and head of spider

Horse snot and hand of grandfather


 unicorn farting and string

Mushroom and bee wing


 For a charm of powerful trouble

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Cyrielle’s magic potion

Par chaba - publié le vendredi 13 octobre 2017 ā 09:33

My Potion :


Fillet of ear

In the caldron boil and bake

Cat hair and eye balls

Rabbit tail

Spider silk and spider leg

Frog slime and eye balls

For a charm of powerful trouble ,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubblE


Spirit Week and homecoming

Par boss - publié le mercredi 11 octobre 2017 ā 15:41
We’ve asked our epals’teachers about Spirit Week and Homecoming .
Here are their answers .

From Sarah Mills (New Hampshire)

In answer to your question, Homecoming is when the school or college sports team has had a string of ‘away’ games (played at the opposing team’s location) and returns to their home location.  Often it is a big celebration with a bonfire, a barbecue and a Homecoming dance (complete with Homecoming Queen and King!).


Spirit week (or day) takes place in the lead up to game day (when the sports team has a big game) to show support for the team.  Often team players will wear their uniform and others will wear the team colors.  Sometimes spirit day will involve wearing tie dye clothing or dressing up following a particular theme (dress like a princess, wear all black etc.).

From Mindi Golding (New Hampshire USA)

Spirit week and Homecoming are very popular in high schools, but not in middle schools (so not in our school). They are a great way to celebrate the athletes of a school and get everyone excited about the homecoming games. There is usually a homecoming dance and often a homecoming king and queen are chosen. It is very popular in the southern part of our country. I hope that helps a bit.

From Simona Pero (Wisconsin USA)

We do have homecoming week.  It’s a fun week for students to dress up and get into school spirit.  We also have a parade and football game and the high school kids have a dance.

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