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Spirit Week and homecoming

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We’ve asked our epals’teachers about Spirit Week and Homecoming .
Here are their answers .

From Sarah Mills (New Hampshire)

In answer to your question, Homecoming is when the school or college sports team has had a string of ‘away’ games (played at the opposing team’s location) and returns to their home location.  Often it is a big celebration with a bonfire, a barbecue and a Homecoming dance (complete with Homecoming Queen and King!).


Spirit week (or day) takes place in the lead up to game day (when the sports team has a big game) to show support for the team.  Often team players will wear their uniform and others will wear the team colors.  Sometimes spirit day will involve wearing tie dye clothing or dressing up following a particular theme (dress like a princess, wear all black etc.).

From Mindi Golding (New Hampshire USA)

Spirit week and Homecoming are very popular in high schools, but not in middle schools (so not in our school). They are a great way to celebrate the athletes of a school and get everyone excited about the homecoming games. There is usually a homecoming dance and often a homecoming king and queen are chosen. It is very popular in the southern part of our country. I hope that helps a bit.

From Simona Pero (Wisconsin USA)

We do have homecoming week.  It’s a fun week for students to dress up and get into school spirit.  We also have a parade and football game and the high school kids have a dance.

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