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Par camillelem - publié le dimanche 4 juin 2017 à 11:02 dans English literature
Algernon and Jack, two friends, share the same secret : they imagine a brother. The one of Algernon is called Bunbury and the one of Jack is called Constant. Jack want to get married to Gwendolen, the cousin of Algernon, in fact, she wants to get married to someone called Constant. So Jack pretending to be Consant. Besides, the mother of Gwendolen, Aunt Augusta, doesn’t want her daughter to get married to Jack. When Jack gives his address of his country home, Algernon listens to the conversations and writes the address. He decides to go see Jack’s family pretending to be Constant. Cecily, Jack’s pupil, falls in love with Algernon because she dreams of marrying a man who called Constant. When Jack returns home, he announces to the governess of Cecily and to the doctor, Chasuble, that his brother Constant is died. However, Cecily tells him that his brother is in the house. Jack doesn’t understand : his brother Constant, invented as an excuse to go to London, is right now at home ? After, Algernon arrive at him and Jack refuses to talk to him, he is irritaded. He asks to Algernon to go back to London but Algernon doesn’t want to stop there and will propose Cecily in marriage. Shortly after, Cecily finds herself face to face with Gwendolen who asks to see Constant. Cecily tells her that she is the pupil of Jack, the brother of Constant and that the latter will be soon her husband. Gwendolen doesn’t understand and revolts because it’s her who will marry Constant. Then, the two “Constant” – Jack and Algernon – arrive, Jack goes towards Gwendolen and Celily learns that he is Jack, and Algernon goes towards Cecily and Gwendolen learns that he is her cousin Algernon. So there is no Constant. This play is short, there are few characters and the level of language is high standard English, but it’s not complicated to read. Oscar Wilde manages to interest the reader because he begins the story with a simple dialogue between Algernon and Ane, the manservant, and little by little, he reveals information about the characters. There are also misunderstandings that put the reader on top of the characters. And also, there are secrets that are revealed and questions that find their answers at the end, but we must read to the end to understand the plot !

The Cut Glass Bowl by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Par eliaco - publié le vendredi 28 avril 2017 à 04:05 dans English literature
For this reading I have chosen a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald because I have never read any story written by him and I hear people who say his books are fantastic. F. Scott Fitzgerald has a really good writing and his stories describe a new world in each time. That is why I want to know, with my own experience the atmosphere of one of these books and I think that for this blog it is a good moment to start. The story that I have choose is The Cut Glass Bowl. In my opinion it is a story for adult, event if this is a short story because the place is very much attractive but also a little oppressive. When you read this short story, we can say, we feel like a character, we are a part of the story and it might be why we have a lot of feelings when we read it. The reading of The Cut Glass Bowl was a travel in another world, another life fort a short time but it is shocking. Summary: This story is about a young couple in a good situation. After their marriage they have a lot of gifts and one of these is a beautiful glass bowl. This glass, has an unknown origin but the couple really like it, so the wife highlights it in the house. In the story we follow the adventure of this weird glass. During all the story we do not know if this glass bowl was really a gift or a poison against the new couple.

Silver Blaze by Sherlock Holmes

Par leaco1 - publié le lundi 17 avril 2017 à 02:11 dans English literature
Silver Blaze a Sherlock Holmes novel I chose Sherlock Holmes because I knew the story thanks to the movies and the series and I liked it. So, I wanted to see, to read the real text, real book by Conan Doyle. The writer starts the story really quickly, from the first line, we know about the plot. Sherlock explains Watson where they have to go and why so, if you like this kind of story, like me, you really want to read more! It is a story about horses, races and murder. A man is dead next to the stable of “Silver Blaze”, a race horse, and Silver Blaze has disappeared. The man who died was named Straker and he was charged to keeping the horse. The police believes it is a stealing which turned wrong and a man, a strange man came the day before, so the police investigators are almost sure the murder is him. But, like all the stories with Sherlock Holmes, we can understand that is not the really story, there are some details we did not known before his passage and it is interesting to see how he turned the situation with just one print of shoes or just a little ticket found in the pocket of the victim. I think it is an intriguing story and it can interest the readers who like detective stories. Thanks to the bilingual version, it is not too hard to understand. I think it is a great story which is a page-turner and fascinating. Now, I want more and I hope the novel will have the same effect on the next readers. Lea Como

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, 1865

Par leajou - publié le mercredi 12 avril 2017 à 09:46 dans English literature
Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, more commonly known as Alice in Wonderland, was written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1865. It tells the story of Alice, a young girl who during an afternoon in the garden with her sister is very bored. The moment she starts to fall asleep, she sees a white rabbit with a suit jacket and a clock, which surprises her. She decides to follow him. She jumps on her feet and also through a hole where the rabbit jumped as well, in order not to loose its track. This very long fall she experiences as she is following the rabbit leads her to an incredible amount of meetings and discoveries: talking animals, crazy human beings, astonishing places, strange transformations and variations of height are part of her travel in what we can call Wonderland. You may know Alice in Wonderland as it was revisited by Disney and Tim Burton (maybe you know both), but you probably don’t know much about the original story. If you have no idea who Alice is and what she goes through, then what you decide to watch/read first will be decisive. Lewis Carroll’s book is as strange as it can possibly be. The book and the adaptations have things in common but Carroll’s story is much more of a walk through Wonderland really; it is special because you don’t really know where the story goes or if it is just a dream, surprising and rambling as it is. We are truly immersed in another world where everything seems possible and where we can get more impressed and amazed at every page’s turn. Something new and more astonishing comes after another, which we thought was undefeatable in the matter of surprise. I think it is truly uncomparable to any other novel or tale, probably because Carroll was a poet, and that’s how you should see Alice’s adventures: A poem made of imagination and creativity, for it is exactly a universe of wonders. To Disney lovers and Burton fans, I invite you to read this precious tale. I promise you won’t be deceived, especially if you liked L’Ecume des jours by Boris Vian. What really made me continue the book reading is the fact that the writer writes as he speaks: it’s like he is telling me the story face to face, as he would tell his kids a story right before they went to sleep. The dreamy, strange and kind of funny atmosphere also helped me finish my reading. Also, it was a pleasure for me to rediscover Alice’s adventures in its true and original form.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Par victoriaca - publié le mardi 11 avril 2017 à 10:38 dans English literature
« The Great Gatsby » is a book written in 1925 by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The story is all about the madness of the 1920s marked by the Prohibition and right before the Great Depression. Everything begins with the introduction of Nick Carraway. A young broker from the middle class that settles in New York City. In this city lives his cousin, Daisy Buchanan who is married to Tom Buchanan, they are the archetypes of the rich New Yorkers of the beginning of the 20th century. When Nick goes and meets his cousin at her house he meets Jordan Baker, one of their friends. Nick will discover that Tom is not so loyal towards Nick’s cousin... Afterwards, Nick will be invited at a party at his neighbor’s house, Gatsby, and that is where everything begins. Nick is discovering all the madness of New York, from the sumptuous villa of his neighbor to the amazing parties he organizes. Many rumors are told about Gatsby who is in fact a very mysterious character with a dark past. Gatsby who is a close friend of Jordan makes her promise that she won’t tell anything about his past to Nick. At Chapter 4 Gatsby invites Nick for lunch. At that moment he told him everything about his past, he talks about his rich family from the Middle West, his studies at Oxford and his past at war. Gatsby brings Nick to a forbidden party where they meet Tom. Then, Nick is going to drink tea with Jordan who tells him the real reason why Gatsby is so extravagant and for who he does all this. Afterwards, the narrator is going to tell us the real story behind this mysterious character who is Gatsby, but stories do not always go as we want, and sometimes money does not buy everything, nor everyone... The Great Gatsby is a wonderful love story about money power and glory.The reading is not hard and the book is nicely written. We are absorbed in this 20’s madness and eveything seems so extravagant. We get attached to Gatsby’s outrageous life, and his mysterious personality. We get mad at some characters for being so irresponsible. This book is really great and I recommend its reading. « They were careless people (...) – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made... » « Gatsby believes in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before ud then but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further... And one fine morning – So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. »

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